Rock die! HYS launch Rolling Stones Valentine qualified hot lip print suitcase

Japan King of class Tide brand Hysteric Glamour (HYS) inspired the legendary band The Rolling Stones (Rolling Stones), 60s, 70s rock hippie style 'engraved rendering hot lipstick in mind of the Rolling Stones, passion and the wild symbol!, retro beige khaki X classic style printed on the signature warm lipstick, inside is all black-and-white images of the Rolling Stones record collage. Like Takuya Kimura, Mika Nakashima Kamenashi, Hollywood celebrities Nicole Richie (Nicole Leach), Jay Chou, big S are also HYS number one fan, more than a century of British top luggage brand Globe-Trotter, classical elegant appearance, durable cardboard fiber material, proud of cardboard fiber is a unique technology, so the box is sturdy but lightweight, even HERMES (Hermes) have cooperation with this brand, launched a hard-shell suitcase. Your lover Britpop fans? This time the HYS plus the unique charm of the Globe-Trotter, fans must not miss this joint dream commodities! Designer limited edition, printed inside image record of the Rolling Stones, the more value to the collection.

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